Overhauls and upgrades

  • general repairs of machine tools and forming machines
  • overhauls of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts
  • conversion of conventional machines to CNC control
  • production of technological lines
  • spindle upgrades of horizontal boring mills

Overhauled machines offer a cost-effective alternative compared to a new machine. For example, by fitting new or repairing the original guide surfaces of the rigid cast iron frame of an old machine, this old frame can be retained together with other repaired mechanical parts and new electrical, hydraulic and control parts can be installed on it that are comparable or identical to those of the new machine. As a result of the overhaul, the machine is delivered just like a new machine with a guarantee of production parameters, warranty, operator and maintenance training, commissioning, technological consulting, warranty and post-warranty service.

  • Typical Scope of Overhaul and Modernization – Horizontal Boring Machine
  • Typical Scope of Overhaul and Upgrade – Hydraulic Press

Supply of machinery and technology

We supply used machining and forming stands, mainly of European brands, based on the customer’s technological specification. The supplied machines are mainly imported from Western and Northern EU countries. We provide inspection of the machine, functional tests, production of a test piece, preparation of a geometric protocol, verification of service history. We carry out dismantling, transport, temporary storage and repair of the machine. Subsequent installation of the machine with a guarantee of accuracy and functionality. We also provide operator training, complete after-warranty service and spare parts, technological consulting.

We supply machine tools and forming machines after overhaul and modernization. For some types of machines it is possible to deliver the machine by exchange to minimize machine downtime, in this case we will buy your old machine.