WH 10 CNC Heidenhain iTNC 530 machine after overhaul and modernization

The machine is equipped with a Heidenhain iTNC 530 control system with Heidenhain metering in 5 axes (X, Y, Z, W and B) and new Siemens digital drives in all 5 axes. The machine thus mounted allows continuous control in 3 axes, including the oriented spindle stop.

Basic machine parameters:

Working spindle diameter

100 mm

Tapered spindle cavity

ISO 50

Ejection of work. spindles, Z axis

970 mm

Transverse adjustment of the table, X axis

1250 mm

Longitudinal table repositioning, W axis

630 mm

Repositioning the spindle on the stand, Y axis

1100 mm

Operating speed. spindles

16 – 1300 rpm.

Offset of individual axes

4 – 5000 mm/min.

Speed drift of individual axes

7000 mm/min.

Main engine power

22 kW

Max. weight of the workpiece

3000 kg

Dimensions of the table clamping surface

1000 x 1120 mm

Main advantages of the machine:

  1. new spindle TOS Varnsdorf including new storage and clamping of tools.
  2. hydraulic reinforcement of the rotary table controlled by CNC system
  3. independent control by five Siemens servo drives and Heidenahin metering for all 5 machine axes (X,Y,Z,W,B)
  4. Oriental STOP spindles (for thread cutting)
  5. comfortable clamping/releasing of the tool by means of a button located directly on the spindle
  6. possibility of remote diagnostics and repairs of the Heidenahin iTNC530 CNC system by connecting the machine to the Ethernet network
  7. possibility to retrofit the machine with an automatic tool changer for 24 tools
  8. the possibility of implementing GO in an exchange way t. j. Purchase of an old WH 10 machine from a customer and rebuild the machine after GO on the same basis with a minimum production downtime

Scope of works and supplies:

Mechanical part:

  • regrinding of machine sliding surfaces
  • lining the sledge, spindle and turntable with biplast, including doling and scraping
  • new wedge rails, new skid plate wipers
  • new machine geometry including TOS geometry protocol
  • new working spindle TOS Varnsdorf
  • new hollow spindle TOS Varnsdorf including FAG bearings
  • New KSK ball screws in X, Y, Z and W axis
  • replacement of all bearings on the machine
  • new hydraulic system of the machine (new aggregate, pumps, piping)
  • new hydraulic reinforcement of the turntable
  • new nozzle cooling at the spindle head (new pump, piping)
  • new central lubrication of the TRIBOTEC machine with 4 circuits
  • new telescopic covers and energy carriers KABELSCHLEP
  • modification and supply of parts for mounting of new servomotors
  • new gearboxes and clutches for servomotors
  • new suspension ropes
  • new machine coating
  • overall assembly of the machine

Electrical part:

  • Heidenhain iTNC 530 control system with handwheel
  • new PLC program including debugging
  • 5 Siemens servomotors including inverters
  • Heidenhain linear metering for X, Y, Z and W axes
  • 3 pcs Heidenhain ROD 480 rotary encoders for table rotation – B axis, spindle and oriental STOP spindle
  • new el. RITTAL switchboard with air conditioning and new control panel
  • new wiring and el. elements on the machine
  • main engine overhaul
  • new Mentor Siemens inverter for the main engine
  • new workspace lighting
  • Option: new Heidenahin TS 460 touch probe with infrared transmission


  • electrical inspection report.
  • TOS accuracy protocol, laser linear ruler measurement, ball-bar spindle measurement
  • setting of system parameters, transport of the machine, anchoring and recovery at the customer’s site
  • technical documentation for the machine and CNC system
  • 8 hours of maintenance training
  • HEIDENHAIN system operator training of 8 hours
  • HEIDENAHIN remote diagnostics when the machine is connected to the Ethernet network for 24 months