WH10CNC machine after overhaul and modernization.

The machine is equipped with a Heidenhain iTNC 530 control system with Heidenhain metering in 5 axes (X, Y, Z, W and B) and new Siemens digital drives in all 5 axes. The machine thus mounted allows continuous control in 3 axes, including the oriented spindle stop.

Basic machine parameters:

Working spindle diameter

100 mm

Tapered spindle cavity

ISO 50

Ejection of work. spindles, Z axis

950 mm

Transverse adjustment of the table, X axis

1250 mm

Longitudinal table repositioning, W axis

630 mm

Repositioning the spindle on the stand, Y axis

1100 mm

Operating speed. spindles

16 – 1300 rpm.

Offset of individual axes

4 – 2700 mm/min.

Speed drift of individual axes

5000 mm/min.

Main engine power

22 kW

Max. weight of the workpiece

3000 kg

Dimensions of the table clamping surface

1000 x 1120 mm

Scope of works and supplies:

Mechanical part:

  • regrinding of machine sliding surfaces
  • biplasting and scraping of the sledge, spindle and turntable
  • repair and scraping of wedge rails
  • new ball screws in X, Y, Z and W axis and new nuts
  • replacement of all bearings
  • new working spindle and hollow spindle including bearings
  • new hydraulic power pack and new wiring
  • new central machine lubrication
  • replacement of suspension ropes
  • new telescopic covers
  • modification and supply of parts for mounting of new servomotors
  • new brushless gearboxes for servomotors
  • machine coating
  • overall assembly of the machine

Electrical part:

  • Heidenhain iTNC 530 control system with handwheel
  • new PLC program including debugging
  • 5 Siemens servomotors including inverters
  • Heidenhain linear metering for Y, Y, Z and W axes
  • ROD 480 rotary encoder for table rotation – B axis
  • new el. switchboard with air conditioning and new control panel
  • new wiring and el. elements on the machine
  • main engine overhaul
  • new Mentor inverter for the main engine
  • electrical inspection report installations
  • machine recovery, parameter setting
  • new technical documentation
  • transport of the machine, anchoring and recovery at the customer’s site