PROFEX carries out repairs of geometric and manufacturing accuracy by manual scraping and grinding of guide ways surfaces, with a guarantee of accuracy according to the protocol of geometric accuracy

  • CNC grinding of machine tools guide ways
  • Repairs to the lining of the counter-pieces of machine tools guide ways
  • Hand scraping and new geometric precision of linear and rotational axes
  • Alignment of wedge bars and ball screw on linear axes
  • Replacements of spindle bearings and working spindles
  • Conversion of conventional machine tools to direct drive with CNC control
  • Deliveries and installations of linear scales and rotary sensors
  • Measuring and settings of circular interpolation of CNC machine with Renishaw ball-bar system
  • Measuring and compensating the positioning accuracy with the Renishaw laser XL-80 system
  • Re-grinding or delivery of new piston cylinders for presses and forming machines