General overhauls and modernisation

general overhaul

PROFEX offers overhauls and upgrades of mechanical, electrical and CNC sections of machines and production lines, in order to offer a more economically viable alternative than buying a new machine, while maintaining the required technical parameters.

The result of the overhaul and modernization is a machine delivered just like a new machine, with a guarantee of production parameters, warranty, operator and maintenance training, commissioning, technological consulting, warranty and post-warranty service.

  • overhauls of horizontal boring machines, milling machines, carousels and lathes
  • general repairs of presses and forming machines
  • production of technological lines, straighteners, unwinders
  • general repairs of mechanical parts of machine tools and forming machines
  • modernization of conventionally controlled machines to CNC control, addition of new drives
  • replacements of CNC parts, control systems and drives
  • upgrades of horizontal boring mills to higher spindle speeds
  • tool clamping upgrades of horizontal boring mills
  • supply of new documentation, certification, CE standard
  • supply of safety parts, preparation for approval by the Technical Inspection of the Slovak Republic
  • supply of new linear and rotary metering
  • supply of new spindles, spindle assemblies and their storage
  • supply of new hydraulic cylinders and ram presses and their mounting
  • supply of new ball screws and trapezoidal screws and their fitting
  • supply of new toothed, belt and chain gears
  • supply of new hydraulic circuits for tool clamping, axle bracing, gear shifting, balancing, etc.
  • supply of new central lubrication circuits for guiding surfaces and gears
  • supply of new hydrostatic axle circuits for heavy machine tools

typical scope of modernization – Horizontal boring machine

typical scope of modernization – Hydraulic press